Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's All In The Advertising!!!

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I was perusing the web for vintage labels to make my little bottles for a witches cabinet and I happened upon these!!! 
I started reading and my mouth started to hang open!! What the H-E- doubles is this crap???
So staying with my Halloween /anything funny,crazy,weird or down right terrifying theme...{Because I could find nothing scarier} than these older advertising promos for products! I decided they should be a post! 

  The outright mislead without any scientific basis...NUTSO! 
Oh what they will discover and accept as truth in another 75 years. 
Which one is the scariest for you? 


  1. Well, then! These are downright scary. Asthma cigarettes? Cocaine tooth drops? Both are the scariest for me. What were they thinking! Good thing we demand a scientific basis for our products now.

  2. I am sitting here watching my mom die of lung cancer; she never smoked but grew up in a house with idiot parents who did! And lost my dad in January to lung cancer and he smoked for about 6 years total so of course those ads for smoking scare the hell out of me! I can't believe the names of some of the companies who ran these ads??? And the innocence one is down right disgraceful...You have opened my eyes to things I had either forgotten or never actually seen! Amanda, you have just posted the most terrifying post of the hop! Thank God for science and people with brains that figured this junk out! And hopefully a wake up call for those who still smoke...I am living with the horrible results of two parents polluting their own babies air :( xx

    1. Dear Nan, First let me say I am so truly sorry. These articles show that folks would and do believe the medial hype. Ignorance is in fact the devils facts...and keeps us a as a people unaware of what is right in front of us. I am certain that in 25 years the adds from today will be looked at the very same way.

  3. These ads are totally unbelievable!

  4. I was born in 1940 so I remember a lot of these ads.
    It's just like the asbestos that they now say is
    bad for you - back in-the-day it wasn't any problem.
    Nobody knew the risk. I watch some of these medical
    ads on the TV and they give the disclaimers and I wonder
    how anybody can take the medicine when they know there
    could be such horrible disadvantages. My husband
    had diabetes and took lots of pills and many of them
    have not been discounted because of problems they cause.
    I often think it was more than the lung cancer that
    caused his death - too many pills from a doctor who
    didn't know what else to do.
    Sorry - I'll get off my soapbox.
    Enjoyed seeing the adverts - brings back memories
    of olden days.

    1. I need to proof-read before posting.

      Meant to say Bob took lot of pills and many of
      them have NOW been discounted.

  5. Ohh Mary! I am so sorry you lost your dear Bob. The commercials of today and the disclaimers are ridiculous!
    Soapbox away, you are in a safe place here")

  6. Ah, yes, I remember my mom smoking in the Dr's office when I was a kid. And the Dr. would come up to you with a smoke hanging out of his mouth. My mom even got to smoke in her hospital room. I remember we used to ride around in the car with no seat belts and my mom would send me outside unsupervised and I could wander anywhere in the neighborhood and go to friends homes. If I caused any trouble I heard about it when I got home because one of the neighbors would call my mom. We had a wall phone in the kitchen and it was....ghasp, a party line. Yup, the weird ol days.

  7. LOL! Viki..My grandmother had a "RED" wall phone with a party line! Oh and the mute was actually running to the nearest closet to shut the door partially because the cord couldn't reach otherwise. It was funny because, she would listen in on the neighbors conversations and tell us the tales...Crazy!

  8. Oh wow those really are startling!! And to think some of the advertising today will probably look just as scary in 50 years time!

  9. Well, grow your own, smoke your own has come true (in some states). Will cocaine toothache drops be next?! Scary, all of them.

  10. OMGoodness - these are pretty amazing aren't they ???! What was everyone thinking ?