Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft Night Tonight !!!

UPDATE: here it is ..the clabber girl I designed and we made her last night at craft club. She stands a total of 12" tall and honestly it was hands down one of the best times I have ever had teaching anything! I want to send a special Thank You to Susan,Hilma,Missy,Becky,Jackie,Cindy,Janet and Deb.... ladies you literally kept me laughing all night long! Awesomeness to be had by all!

Here is a preview of  what I have created for craft club tonight. This is just a small portion of what is to be a surprising rest! Weeee can't wait to see ya'all!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


K ..strange day and even stranger blog happenings. My blog has comments disappear...i mean one minute they are there ..then POOF! Gone! what the heck is that about..ideas anyone?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ladies Closet

This was to be one of my many pieces for G45, I decided it was too Uber cute to be put in the "closet' LOL ! Its a Ladies Closet made from the Domestic Goddess line and  some Fashionista. The wooden cabinet itself was given to me with bubble baths in it and it was white.  I made the little lingerie sets and used the Tim Holtz hangers and a lot of the Hampton art stamps and Bo Bunny papers as well. Any questions just ask and if this inspires you to make your own ladies closet please share with me? I would LOVE to see what you did.