Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness

I shared this on October 12th 2010. Just wanted to do a throw back in support of breast cancer awareness. So many women including my sister are battling this devastating disease. I received second place and donated the bra to a auction raised $272.00 for the cause. 
 Save the Ta's Ta's sponsored by Curves of Savannah.Yeah I was so excited to be able to make this to help raise awareness. Breast Cancer is one of the leading killers of women and men alike in America. I literally took weeks trying to figure out what i was gonna do to a bra.....There are so many "suggestive" options ;) Then it hit me..I am currently in my (blue) art phase so therefore it must be something blue and colorful, what better than the ocean. I made all the anemones , star fish , barnacles, clams,seaweed my self by either sewing something weird or cutting cardboard and covering it with stickles. Oh and the net ..I made the net like a little macrame project then coffee dyed it. Not to shabby if I say so myself.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Makins October Share

My Share today is 

Gaslight Butterflies Pendants 

I love how these turned out! Fun and beautiful and just the right make it quick for a holiday gift!

Makins Clay: Black 1/2 of a 120g pkg.
Fantasy Film
Various mini hole punches, I used ends of pens and such.
1/8" , oval, 1/4" hole punches 
blink rhinestones
beads of choice..think bug bodies
2 pen backs

I used the large set of spellbinders butterflies here. 
Sorry folks I have updated my post for today and made sure I have given a supply list for this feature. 

Happy Thursday Blessings!