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Left of Center Challenges

# 141 themed  (Quirky Weird)

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My example "Pigs Might Fly"
I love this image!
 Pig noses happen to be one of my favorite snorfers")

You be so Crazy!!!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Time To Tassel The Tye Dyed You"

This piece I have titled 

"Time To Tassel The Tye Dyed You"

Today I am sharing my creation made for 

fabric inks back in November of 2015
I also included many bits and bobbles from 

I will also include the instruction for you today. ") Please leave feedback on whether this project is something you enjoy or would like more of. 

I adored making this many elements were used in creating it, it made me feel all arty.
                                         Time to Tassel and Tie Dye Your Bohemian Butterflies!
Amanda Phillips here, and what a pleasure to be able to share with you my fun and stylish bohemian tassel necklace using our Imagine Crafts & Tsukineko and Bluemoon Bead products. I hope to inspire your imagination and help you in making your art a friendlier wearable.
No more icky drippy ribbon! That’s right!  I said it! I was out and about and placed upon my lapel I had a pendant made from ribbon, purchased at a local craft fair. Now I loved the unique piece.  But along came some rain and washed the ribbon out!  This is the bane of the crafters world. We see a product and assume it can do everything we dream…and some times that works out, but mostly the market is flooded with inks and chalks that are not suitable for wear and tear. That is where my project today will help and hopefully with my instruction you can make this lovely Tassel Butterfly necklace to hand down for generations to come.

You will need:
·         Tsukineko Memento Luxe ink pad in Bahama Blue
·             “              Memento Luxe ink pad in Pear Tart
·            “               All Purpose Ink for Fantastix    # 80 White
·           “                 Fabrico Marker       Tropical Lagoon
·            “                Ink Potion #9            2fl. Oz.
·         Imagine Crafts     Fantastix 
·         ¼ Yard of 100% cotton or muslin material (washed) no fabric softener /bleach
·         Iron on transfer sheet for your ink jet printer
·         Iron
·         Parchment paper
·         Sewing machine or needle and thread
·         Assorted beads and bobbles from the Bluemoon Bead line NOTE: smaller holed beads will not work (please use your imagination and have fun with this part) It’s Bohemian!
·         22Gauge wire in matching color of the chain chosen
·         Eye pins and assorted jump rings
·         Chain, Measure your length desired for this, mine due to I am petite is 18” and keep in mind your tassel itself will be around 6” long.
·         Small amount of fiber stuffing.
·         Jewelry  crimping pliers, flat pliers

1.       Set Iron on hottest NO steam setting
2.       Using 2/3’s of your prewashed fabric start your inky process.  Using all the inks listed above begin painting the fabric, spray on the Ink Potion #9 to blend inks in a tie dye pattern that suits your happy place.
When done place a large sheet of parchment paper
 1.       When done place a large sheet of parchment paper on your ironing board or surface you are ironing on, (This will protect your surface from the ink). Place your inky material on it and add another sheet of parchment over this, further protecting your iron. Material may be soaked with ink as the heat from your iron will dry the ink permanently into it.
2.       Iron material, turning and flipping material replacing parchment for further ironing, until material is stiff dry.  To soften materials feel free to place under sink and wring out to let air dry.  You must iron set ink for it to be permanent.
3.       Taking scissors to start rips, start tearing your permanently inked material into ½” strips. Be sure to leave the hanging threads and stretched edges. This will give you more Bohemian character. Place in pile.
4.       Using your iron on transfer sheet for inkjet printers, print your butterflies.  You will need to make 2 sheets of your butterflies so if pillow bead swivels on necklace the back has the same butterfly as well. I have found copyright free pictures everywhere for this or simply use some you have taken yourself.  That would really be a neat heirloom.
5.       Fussy cut your butterflies off the paper and follow instructions on transfer paper package, iron on your little butterflies to the remaining material making sure to leave space to cut and make into sewn pillows.
6.       Cut material into squares or rectangles.  Place two pieces together. Sew carefully around your little pillow leaving a hole for stuffing. Stuff pillows with just a small amount of stuffing (do not overstuff) and sew around entire edge once and again…Trim neatly.
7.       Using your wire and strips assemble tassel strands. I made 7 and you may choose to do more or less. Again it’s Bohemian!
8.       When trying to get material in a smaller holed bobble or bead I used some of the wire bent over placing strips corner between to needle through the hole.
9.       Now all your tassels should be laid out in order that you would like to see them hung, be sure to place together and adjust accordingly. 
10.   Thread all tassel ends through your main ring (see picture) and using wire wrap the tassel letting ends of material hang with beaded sides.  Secure wires wrap with flat pliers to flatten.
11.   Attach remaining chain.

TIP:  Using your extra tie dye strips to cover a bead that may not match your project is recycling in its finest bohemian form. 

I hope you enjoyed and come back for further inspirations 
Level: Medium                    Time: 3hrs.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Left of Center Challenges

It's Challenge # 138
themed (Animals)
We all have so many animals stamps!!!
  We over at 

can not wait to see them!!!
Come join in the fun !

My example this week is a stamps from 

Owl be-m eating you
AKA "Morty"

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Day For Daisies Challenge # 151

Hello and Happy Day!

Today I am going to join in the fun over at 
 with this little ensemble I have titled

"Fairy Parade"

I used the little fairies to make this 
8" long 6 1/2" tall by 1 1/2" wide diorama
The wings are layered with acetate and the wee little flowers and grass are all individually made.
I hope you love my little band as much as I do and did making them.

Thank you for visiting")