Friday, January 29, 2016

Blue Suede Flower Necklace

This is my 
Blue Suede Flower Necklace


 Using ©Makins Clay Deluxe Extruder set with Disc# 5 and #3. I made these large cords I love Makins for this is so flexible after it cures. Perfect for any piece you need to move with you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rag Quilt Winter

Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share with you what I have been doing while I have been sick. Like most of us right now huh??? Crazy winter so far and dangerous for some! "Sending Prayers and Blessing for all of you. 

Now as you know I am seriously dead sick if I am not making something. Laying on the couch makes me feel frustrated and like I have wasted good crafting time. 
Early this winter Joann's had a 70% OFF of their flannel fabric line. Can you believe the pricing? Well anywho, as a girl that can not pass up a sale. I bought a TON!!! Enough to make 1 LG. child mermaid tail Blankie/Cozy and count em with me people, 4 Queen sized rag quilts!!! That is A LOT of cutting sewing and above all clipping!
Now I made 3 and all those along with the mermaid tail went out as gifts for christmas...So finally, and because if I didn't do it now, it would set wishing I would pay attention to it in some corner some where...I made mine and my hubbies. It turned out great! 
We love it and here is the best part.While I set/ lay on the couch clipping ,sneezing,snuffling and all around whining about my fever, hubby set at the other end of the couch and clipped with me ") 
The man is a saint!
So not all is lost and the blankie is wonderfully warm!

and just because she is so cute!

Christmas Morning 2015

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pannier #3

This is my 

Today I am so excited to share with you my creation made with 

Makins Clay
 and a full assortment of bobbles, gadgets and assorted bows")
I had so much fun with this! It measures around 13" high and 10 " wide.
When I was a young girl my Grandmother dressed bisque and porcelain dolls from all over the world. I might have mentioned this before. The one time I saw her make a miniature pannier (cage skirt) I was hooked! I loved the meticulous work that it took to gather all the little pieces together into a coherent wearable garment. I tried to gather this memory in my piece today.
I hope you enjoy!

I wish you luck in your art world. and do hope you enjoy the inspiration. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bottles of Hope


Today I get to share with you my version of 

The Bottles Of Hope program.

Cancer is a nasty bugger that truly has affected so very many and often closer than many of us think. My sister has been our most recent family survivor and I can honestly say watching her go through what she has was to say the least inspiring.
Here is to all her hopes and wishes .

I made this lovely bottle using 

(details on how to make this at the above link)

Details about bottles of hope

Please enjoy and I HOPE you feel inspired.