Friday, August 30, 2013

A Day For Daisies

Happy Friday ya I have a entry for

And sharing is caring ")

This image was the free one given for the challenge. I think that is so wonderful that they give you am image to sample for the challenges. Truly after you paint and or color one you seriously become addicted..Love these images! 

DCWV The Modern Meadow Stack

Thursday, August 29, 2013

DCWV in Haute Pink...

Yea Baby..

It is the Haute Pink stack featured over at the DCWV BLOG

and I have a little something special to show you,

I made this little mini out of a lipstick case found in the dollar isle at Michael's

it matched our stack perfectly along with the mini 6x6 foiled elegance") 

The mini is of my grand baby with her favorite friend Monkey....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mini File Folders in Burlap!

No Foolin!!

DCWV has now introduced Burlap stacks..can you believe it!
They are pretty and fun to work with...
(not for couch pillows for those of you who have seen earlier post of mine :)

So today I have created a tutorial for you using our little 6x6 Burlap stack

Aren't they sweet?

You will need to make each mini file box

2 - 6x6 sheets  burlap paper
12- mini brads
1- label holder (optional)
Score board 
bone folder and larger rounded scorer
When cutting your burlap paper on a paper cutter do it burlap down: then take paper out and cut again with scissors. This will make for a perfect clean cut.
When scoring your paper: place paper burlap side down on board, score once with larger tipped scorer and then again with bone folder aka smaller tipped scorer. Again making your scoring line almost perfect. Please keep in mind that burlap is rough..if you score to fast you will skip your track from the texture and end up off where you wanted to be:P

Cut box paper 6x6 square
taking ruler to help steady on score board score in 
1 1/2 " all around then again at 1 3/4 "

Cutting out the corner 1 1/2 inch square on each corner and mitering the corners fold in .

Bend in edges as seen and punch desired holes and secure with brads...this will take a little finesse.
The Lid

Cut another sheet 4 1/2" x 4 1/2 "
Score at the 1 " mark all around and the 1/2 " mark all around.
Fold and bone fold to straighten.

Trim corner on "ends only" and same! refold and secure with brads.

Whaaaa laaa! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

I am in fact a Smarty Pants!!!

Today. I was bored...Yes I know what your thinking..
how can a girl that lives in craftopia be bored???
It happens.
So I surfed....(do people call it this still?) and stumbled upon IQ testing....
So as a joke (sorta) always worried about the Alzheimer's since mean-o-pause kicked in and scatter brain-ness is a normal part of my life.
I decided I would check and see.
Now I am not certain if these are accurate and mixing my IQ number with the fact that remembering that bra's generally don't fit well over robes or that stopping -walking long enough to not get the strap wrapped around an ankle :0....wellllll
Let's just say it's kind of sketchy! 
But never the less It made me feel all smart for about 5 minutes and I want you to feel that way too...but for longer........"awkward"
IQ test  I tested 143 here
Free IQ test I tested 134 here
Who Freakin new I am in fact, according to random internet testing, a bonafide
Smarty Pants!
As you know...they can't lie on the internet. I also confirmed this with my
French model, cousin and his insurance company")
Have fun!
( I would like to tell you that all the type o's in this article were on purpose....