Monday, February 16, 2015

Gecko Galz

Do You Feel Springy ???

I Love Spring! The mind boggles at the seed catalogs and the new birds in the yard returning from wherever they have been..Our little southern blue birds are bright and pudgy with little egg filled tummies")

So in the spirit of that I have created a card for you using my Gecko Galz Ephemera
Garden Birds
and some DCWV paper and twine !

Have a really great day! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lovin some clay time!!!

Boredom in my casa is unacceptable!!!

What's a girl to do??? 
Hit pinterest/You Tube...something,  anything to inspire and get the funk washed outta my brain!

Soooo imagine my pure glee when I found this amazing lil gal and what she inspired me to do.

Love her")

In the "naked closet" I found an old still packaged Ek success tin from a bagazillion years ago. 

Adding paper and knobs/bling we have a 4" dish ! A compote really ")

Within the dish I added made with my own two little hands some polymer clay fishes...I have to admit that some fish did not survive the transport to their new diggs "( They are only about 3/4" big !

These little fellers were snuggled in amongst the dirt ,rocks and general junk. 
Resin, when the right kind is bought is safe and "unsmelly" Vital to my survival!
I used Castin Craft from Michael's Worked great!
This picture doesn't do justice to how sweet this little guy is") Turns out that filming water is tough !
I have said this before and I will repeat forever, When you get an inspiration...share from whom! We are all in this crafty world together.
Have Fun and Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It is all about the heart this week over at 

I have also entered these fine challenges,

Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog

The Shabby Tea Room

And to help celebrate that I have made a fun and fancy valentine sucker holder out of our fabulous tassies and hearts

Tassies  can be round, triangular, square, hearty ")  the only sure thing in shape is that all that gets to  become a cone of some sort!! FUN! I attached two of our tassie's  cut outs,  cutting just 1 section of a heart off to make the back of my basket wider than the front. I punched my support holes and placed eyelets, strung with seambinding in "red". Next was my lovely little hearts on a string (twine). These little hearts were so much fun to fussie cut and I loved being able to use some of my DCWV stash in hearty bling.

Come be hearty with us ")  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Birds Eye Blue

Click To Enlarge
 Birds EYE Blue Welcomes You!

Over at Gecko Galz along with 
this week we are featuring our Steampunk Stamp set
My example, which is 14" tall and too big for the light box ") is made from many little treasures that I have shopped out of my naked closet") Yes... all items to be altered and or used to be altered live in a "naked closet" because they simply aren't decent enough to be seen "P
Too Hoakie ??? LOL
I took 2 of the stamps out of the set and highlighted them with my copics . Fussy cutting is tough but therapeutic for me , quick tip: Use your 1/16" and 1/8" hole punch on those little curves before you will take a lot of the frustration away. This set includes 25 stamps for 6.00! Wow!
Thanks to Tim I have tons of leftover insert configurations boxes that roll perfect with a dowel and mini bodice as the body. The hand are artparts found here . Gotta love a good collection of stuff. The radio tubes are recovered from the ebay locker as my originals ended up in the hands of pillaging greeds "( .
All that said I think she is wispy with her feathers and industrial with her gears ")
 Have A Great Steam Punk Day!

Now make sure to leave a comment so that I can enter you in my 50.00
Just a little taste of what can be arriving in your home,more pictures to come ")
sorry for the bad pic, I couldn't get it all in!!!

Everyone eligible no matter where you reside.
Winner to be announced February 15th !
Donna Mundinger...You are the WINNER!!!