Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lovin some clay time!!!

Boredom in my casa is unacceptable!!!

What's a girl to do??? 
Hit pinterest/You Tube...something,  anything to inspire and get the funk washed outta my brain!

Soooo imagine my pure glee when I found this amazing lil gal and what she inspired me to do.

Love her")

In the "naked closet" I found an old still packaged Ek success tin from a bagazillion years ago. 

Adding paper and knobs/bling we have a 4" dish ! A compote really ")

Within the dish I added made with my own two little hands some polymer clay fishes...I have to admit that some fish did not survive the transport to their new diggs "( They are only about 3/4" big !

These little fellers were snuggled in amongst the dirt ,rocks and general junk. 
Resin, when the right kind is bought is safe and "unsmelly" Vital to my survival!
I used Castin Craft from Michael's Worked great!
This picture doesn't do justice to how sweet this little guy is") Turns out that filming water is tough !
I have said this before and I will repeat forever, When you get an inspiration...share from whom! We are all in this crafty world together.
Have Fun and Enjoy!


  1. OMG!!!! This looks REAL! I'm in love with it, especially because it's TEENY! Fabulous, fabulous work! xxD

    1. Awe..Donna Thanks for the Love Girly! So happy you like um")

  2. I love Jackie and her quirky, yet brilliant videos! I have the mold for the aquarium she did with the jelly fish, just haven't purchased the resin yet. Thanks for the resin suggestion. Fabulous koi pond! I love your take on it. Lovely work on the outside of the pond as well. Gorgeous!

  3. This is so awesome! Incredibly lifelike.