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Left of Center Challenges

Left of Center Challenge
join us here

this week over at the LOCC we are being sponsored by the wonderful

My little inspiration piece is made from the 


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Blue Moon Beads !!!

What a SURPRISE!!!

I found in my mailbox this fun and whimsical necklace made from one of the amazing lines over at

What a cutie! The little spool and scissors are right up my crafty alley and the 
phrase pendant says it all.

"Runs with Scissors"

Thank you 
Megan Lloyd for always sharing your touches of crafty sunshine")

What a fun blessing! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Left of Center Challenges # 125

Good Morning!!!

Today over at 

Is our newest challenge themed, "torn edges"

Sponsored by none other than the great 

My example that I got to color for you today is the 


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Ho'mage To Raggedy Ann

Today is a continuation of my dolly shoe article over on


But Now I get to show you who is wearing the shoes!!!
She stands a total of 9 1/2" tall 
It is none other than 

Raggedy Ann
for more pictures of my baby in all her dress please visit this link?

Her hair is made of Makins Clay through the Makins Clay extruder and curled, crimped, cut, then glued using Super glue gel.
I used an entire 120g. package of the Peach Makins clay for her body. 

She is folksy and fun!

Dolly Shoes

Good Morning and welcome to another fun project sponsored by 

I love dolls ")

Dolly Shoes are the idea behind the madness today! 
Fun and versatility in size, shape, color and texture.
What can you do with this pattern in clay?

Please know that there are thousands of version of this shoe reaching back as far as the early 1300's. It is a standard pattern that you may use and manipulate as you please. 
Visit the above link to see how these shoes were created and get some fun texture tips as well. 

Tomorrow come and back and see who is wearing these dollie shoes.

Have a fun and Makins Clay Day!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Left Of Center Challenge #121

Welcome to another one of our 

The theme this week is Faux or Real Stitching

Sponsored by 

I have an examples for each company and hope you can join in the fun with us ")

Have a Wonderful Day!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Left of Center Challenges

Left of Center Challenges # 119

Sponsored by 
All about the Bling!

I had so much fun with this one...
Using/Left of center bling and lots of Copic inks.

Often when coloring it is easy to lose sight of exactly how much coloring has been implemented. My favorite part is mixing colors that don't usually fit within the monochromatic chart, here on her skin I used W2Copic and again Chalk or Charcoal pencil, both are a lot of shadowing help.  Thank you for visiting today and I hope you come joins us in the challenge fun!
 As usual if you click on the pics it will zoom them in closer for your inspection")

Monday, February 15, 2016

Green Reptilian Chandelier Earrings

Hello and Welcome!!!

Today I am so happy to share one of my favorite projects with you made with the wonderful and fabulous.... 

All the bells and whistles (instructions)are at the above link .

Also, This reptilian skin technique has been around for years, I went searching for a video that would show you easily how and the below link is my diverse  favorite. 

I hope you have a great time getting comfortable in your skin!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Left of Center Challenges #117

Left of Center Challenge 

is having a 

sponsored by

Here is my example using copics and chalk pencil. The little blings are courtesy of  DCWV


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Whats todays inspiration??
Why none other than a purse made of clay! 

I made this purse using the paper purse pattern that's literally everywhere on the net..The animal skin clay pocket was in fact the funnest (is that a word?) You never know these days how the dictionary seems to change with the more slang that gets spoken. Makins clay was used for 98% of the purses construction as the bottom feet are in fact some metal purse feet found at Joanns. 
Plum Clutch by Amanda Phillips©08/06/15
I hope you feel inspired!

                                                                 And is usable!
                                 With a good spray sealer your purse closet can go any way you want! ")

Friday, January 29, 2016

Blue Suede Flower Necklace

This is my 
Blue Suede Flower Necklace


 Using ©Makins Clay Deluxe Extruder set with Disc# 5 and #3. I made these large cords I love Makins for this is so flexible after it cures. Perfect for any piece you need to move with you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rag Quilt Winter

Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share with you what I have been doing while I have been sick. Like most of us right now huh??? Crazy winter so far and dangerous for some! "Sending Prayers and Blessing for all of you. 

Now as you know I am seriously dead sick if I am not making something. Laying on the couch makes me feel frustrated and like I have wasted good crafting time. 
Early this winter Joann's had a 70% OFF of their flannel fabric line. Can you believe the pricing? Well anywho, as a girl that can not pass up a sale. I bought a TON!!! Enough to make 1 LG. child mermaid tail Blankie/Cozy and count em with me people, 4 Queen sized rag quilts!!! That is A LOT of cutting sewing and above all clipping!
Now I made 3 and all those along with the mermaid tail went out as gifts for christmas...So finally, and because if I didn't do it now, it would set wishing I would pay attention to it in some corner some where...I made mine and my hubbies. It turned out great! 
We love it and here is the best part.While I set/ lay on the couch clipping ,sneezing,snuffling and all around whining about my fever, hubby set at the other end of the couch and clipped with me ") 
The man is a saint!
So not all is lost and the blankie is wonderfully warm!

and just because she is so cute!

Christmas Morning 2015

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pannier #3

This is my 

Today I am so excited to share with you my creation made with 

Makins Clay
 and a full assortment of bobbles, gadgets and assorted bows")
I had so much fun with this! It measures around 13" high and 10 " wide.
When I was a young girl my Grandmother dressed bisque and porcelain dolls from all over the world. I might have mentioned this before. The one time I saw her make a miniature pannier (cage skirt) I was hooked! I loved the meticulous work that it took to gather all the little pieces together into a coherent wearable garment. I tried to gather this memory in my piece today.
I hope you enjoy!

I wish you luck in your art world. and do hope you enjoy the inspiration. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bottles of Hope


Today I get to share with you my version of 

The Bottles Of Hope program.

Cancer is a nasty bugger that truly has affected so very many and often closer than many of us think. My sister has been our most recent family survivor and I can honestly say watching her go through what she has was to say the least inspiring.
Here is to all her hopes and wishes .

I made this lovely bottle using 

(details on how to make this at the above link)

Details about bottles of hope

Please enjoy and I HOPE you feel inspired.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Gecko Galz Freebie

Good Morning....

I hope you are finding your month to be Joyous and Wonderful!

Today I will feature my final and last Gecko Galz post. I have decided to remain a supporter but have committed to other obligations that will no longer allow me the time to do everything I want. So it is with a sad good bye that I must leave this amazing design team and move forward.
Thank you Lee Anne Seed for the amazing and generous opportunity and a loving farewell to my fellow design team members . I love and admire you all.

So with out further ado...

Todays example is a wonderful 



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Makins Clay Frame KIT


Makins Clay Frame Kit # 35304

How much fun was this??? 
Well I had a ball!!!

Our assignment if we chose to accept it was to stretch the boundaries of our wonderful 
Makins Clay Frame Kits

Which was not hard because the ideas were popping out of my noggin pretty fast to the point where eventually I had a serious traffic had to be Christmas and it had to be Gnomes..

Pop on over to see the
detailed pictures and instructions and please share with me all that you could feel inspired to do .

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2015

It's A Mini Dolly ?


I am so excited! today I get to share my little wee dollies. 
Now when they were born in the summer I was not sure what they were...
Gnome...Elf...Gelfling??? Then Hubby came in and called them Fraggles") What ever species they derive they are created with love.

They measure 2 -1/2" and 2" if you don't include that crazy fun hair ")

I truly just molded and shaped little arms,legs bodies and ears rules. I used makins clay in peach and every type of torn muslin and lace to create clothing. The little wee one has on a glove finger sack.
Actual Size

I hope you enjoy and have a 
Very Happy Holiday Season!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gecko Galz

Around the world challenge and kit 
over at 

I loved doing this frame card...So Russian ") 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Gecko Galz Freebie

Good Black Friday Morning!

I hope your shopping is all done and the feet are soothed into some yummy warm slippers whilst you are enjoying my freebie and some relaxed coloring time! 

I had one of my little elves do this for me and she did pretty well ")



Thursday, November 26, 2015

Basically Bare Grateful Banner


I hope you have the very best holiday shared with loved ones and great food!

 What a treat to be able to make fun food for all to enjoy and start the holidays with the smell of cider and oranges permeating the house. 

Today to share this Grateful Holiday season I have created a fun banner with our amazing
 Large banner embellishments 
and some fun papers from DCWV and ribbon

Happy Thanksgiving!!!