Thursday, January 25, 2018

Alcohol Ink Type of Month

Alcohol Ink Type Of Month
Blue Bi Bloom
 It has been a Alcohol Ink type of month. I have the studio just about 80% set up and my arty self got stuck in the rut of becoming familiar with the new digs. Sooo because pinterest is the idea capital of the internet I decided that every time I get stuck I would take an idea from there and see what it grows into. I showed a few of these last month on facebook but I think I have improved a bit.
Dropping ink out of a bottle and creating something recognizable is harder that I thought 
(emerge ugh/sigh emoji) 
Copics are easier.

My Favorite so far is definitely the piece I titled Liquid Forest.
Please be sure to click on the art to get a closer view of each piece.

Bloomed Pearls


Chartrueblue Hue

This was an idea from pinterest I could not get
the link to follow to the original artist or I would share.

Swamp 1


Liquid Forest

Jelly Cones

Have A Great Weekend !

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