Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mid month Craziness!!!

I have another 

Mid month craft kit example for you ")

I used the papers and icons in this kit to make the Simply elegant card ")

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DCWV Goes MINI!!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!

Today I have some fun stuff to share brought to you by none other than my friends over at

Now if you trot on over to Joanns you will find these amazing and fun little 4x4 mini albums!!!

Today I used two of them to get prepared for the newest additions to our family.

These 2 ring binders are great for putting anywhere from 10-30 pages and the little packets of inserts come pre-sectioned for easier scrapping.
Below you will find a list of page titles and a extra how-to for special pages for you to use and share.

Now for the TITLES

Baby Name
And then there we're 3  (first child)
1 more makes 4  (2 child)
The baking Process (Belly Pics)
Baby's first pictures ( Ultrasound)
This is what Handsome/Beautiful looks like
10 Fingers 10 Toes
Birth/Weight/Height/LBS./ OZ.
The Help!!!  ( Grandparents or Pets)
Sloppy Kisser
Baby Crossing
The special envelope titled on each side 
What my Mom/Dad wants me to know when I grow up!
This is for the parents to write a special note to the baby on the first day of their life.
I cut a 12x12 sheet into a 5x10...I scored down the middle making a 5" folder .  Scoring again across the bottom of the 10" side 1/2" 
I folded all fold and tapes into an envelope punched holes and BAM! Extra envelope carrier. 

Sorry about those instructions folks..I was never good at that part. Arty minds just do it.. they never really understand the mechanics") 
I truly hope you have enjoyed and have a really great day!

Friday, March 6, 2015

I Have HUGE News!!!

I Am So Excited!!!

A lot of you know that I started out my career as a sculptor. 
So as I was poking around here and there I saw a company that y'all may recognize, and they have decided to have their very first design team,

With this much talent you will see amazing creations, tutorials and above all ...fresh ideas!  
I am so incredibly honored and blessed to be among these talented ladies and can not wait to see the amazing creation this year brings!!!
Come sculpt with us ")