Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Kraken's Overture

Sanctum of the Forgotten Tune
Mineral Point ,Wis.
Shake Rag Alley

That is the class I went on retreat to this past weekend!
Hosted by none other than 

As I am sure you are aware I am a huge fan and have often referred to his art for inspiration. I, as often as possible, take part in these workshops to grow within my arty life.

So without further ado I present

The Kraken's Overture

Please be sure to click on picture for closer view.

Originally I had purchased the Violin from a couple saying that this instrument was the first of many that their daughter Silver had played. I love that story.
I started pre-assemblage at home before class started in hopes of completing it...That did not happen as by day four of class my body could no longer withstand the pace"(  
However a week later and she is finished! 

The steps taken and equipment used 2 old frames ,violin, jewelry find, mismatched finials, and a goodwill bust of a lady. A whole lotta clay!

 I truly love to sculpt, I really do. Designing the kraken was a idea I had swimming in my head for a while now and was happy to let that out. The wee face on her is a small frozen charlotte face I added for assemblage purposes. I became a little stuck and did not want to lose my bust face when I was sculpting a diving mask, I tore it off in disgust and then Michael walked up behind me and plucked that little metal piece out of my stash and BAM!!! Magic!  I really enjoyed creating her.

Triscuit approved! 

 I hope you love her and 
Thank you for viewing .
Have A happy Arty Day!