Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update: Petaloo Color me Crazy Challenge.

(UPDATE) They have the entries featured today for the Layout portion....Just gorgeous ladies!Little bit o bragging rights here happy and honored to have even placed But to have taken 2nd in two of the different categories literally flatters me..I would like to Thank Petaloo for the opportunity and to congratulate the other winners along with saying to us all..Well Done! Please show all the ladies your appreciation by visiting their entries and leaving feedback?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ATC challenge "Sketch" live or memorex?

As you all know we have a ATC's swap at the local B&N here in Charleston hosted by our one and only Melissa Dobry (please contact her to join {} we would love to have you)! And this months coming theme is sketch! Everyone groaned .....fear of drawing which i think is funny cause this is a ATC swap..A for artist , T for trading , C for card swap! tee hee okay enough of the smart mouthing and on with the is my preview peek if you will....
I will repost the finished product after the swap!

Look what a 4 year old can do?

Okay...when I was little I could do some stuff....color and paste, nowadays these little humans are insane smart! Jess and Sydney came and visited me a few weekends ago and we had a great time..Syd actually said, come on Gramma lets go upstairs and do "crafting".  I was so excited and proud. She looked around and picked out her fancy and knew exactly what she wanted to learn, she said lets make flowers. How did she know these were made? So I taught her "once" how to punch and bend with the tool and Whaa La she had it no assistance required....Then she seen the fuzzy cards I made in Deb Thomson's class they were the Christmas themed sticker kits and she assumed they were stamped and since I taught her to stamp last fall, she is a stamping fool. So she pick out the little doggie stamp.....Now I helped her with the shading of the doggie but she needed no help with the glue or the flower soft fuzz....SO Freakin Smart! I feel so blessed .

Craft Club Happiness

Susan Pratt happiness! Susan was our host for the month of June and served Tomato pie along with several other things. I mention the pie because being a Yankee I had never had it "delicious"!

Jackie , in her "pure genius" manner allowed swimmers and eaters alike to over run her home.....She and Cindy hosted a great party along with Hamburgers on the grill and CHEESECAKE! Yes ..There I said it! And..I ate it! Yummo! Thank you ladies the day was truly nothing but relaxed fun.

As many of you know we have a craft club and some day soon I hope to further this by starting a "Art" club....that's craft club on steroids :) You have all seen my Clabber Girl ( May post) that we created when it was my turn to host and now I want to show you some of the amazing things the other ladies came up with for us to create. Susan provided us with bare wood frames and then helped us to create flowers out of screening and burlap/cork and other misc. things around the house to decorate them with. We had to pre-paint/texture the frames before we came and make flowers to match. LOVED this challenge! and turned out pretty neat. Then Jackie the following month helped us to climb back into the world of shrinky dinks. Remember these as a kid, how much fun they were? Well, to further my beliefs that crafters are really just kids, Jackie gussied them all up and helped us make them into home made charms then furthered it by showing us how to make our own bracelets /necklaces/ phone jewelry...AWSOMEEEEENESSS to be had by all! Thank you ladies I look forward to this time every month and love having the privilege of your shared creative mind.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Petaloo Color me Crazy Challenge

"UPDATE"( 2nd in altered category)My first entry is of this configurations box all dressed up with Petaloo's , Flora Doodles, wild roses in teal . With it's flora and avian detailed with bottled seed, flower pots, charms,  and authentic dyed silk ribbon  this interesting show piece is a delight to be taken in.

My second entry is of this vintage top girl "Just Lovely" card.
She is featured with the Tye Dyed Flora Doodles , Sewing embellishments, detailed edges that have been sewn and rivets.

"UPDATE" ( 2nd in layout category) My third entry is of this layout of my granddaughter at 7months, she is always so interested in everything.  This layout features the Color me Crazy floral assortment. They have been properly battered and abused with acrylic paint,  misted with tattered angels then twisted in a ball till partially dried. I embellished them further with jewelry findings as their centers and a chain to open the possibilities of further jewelry with flowers to your layouts...I hope you enjoy.

Fairy's HMO and referrel finally come through!!!

FINALLY!!!!! Fairy returned as you all know from Graphic 45 land tousled to oblivion. In the mean time due to the fact that she was unemployed "scooted out with not even the courtesy of a pink slip from Portland and no autograph from Dorothy (the new girl in town) She was without health care. I know join the club right.  Point being she now has coverage and thanks to a very fortunate circumstance her good friend Cubby is a certified nurse as well.....He or rather his Mommy (aka Missy) let me know that he is male.........;) We hope she makes has been touch and go.