Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look what a 4 year old can do?

Okay...when I was little I could do some stuff....color and paste, nowadays these little humans are insane smart! Jess and Sydney came and visited me a few weekends ago and we had a great time..Syd actually said, come on Gramma lets go upstairs and do "crafting".  I was so excited and proud. She looked around and picked out her fancy and knew exactly what she wanted to learn, she said lets make flowers. How did she know these were made? So I taught her "once" how to punch and bend with the tool and Whaa La she had it no assistance required....Then she seen the fuzzy cards I made in Deb Thomson's class they were the Christmas themed sticker kits and she assumed they were stamped and since I taught her to stamp last fall, she is a stamping fool. So she pick out the little doggie stamp.....Now I helped her with the shading of the doggie but she needed no help with the glue or the flower soft fuzz....SO Freakin Smart! I feel so blessed .

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