Monday, October 29, 2012

Love to Create and Fresh Brewed

Today over at love to create challenges sponsored by fresh brewed wit the theme of layers I created this . My layered house with doors that open and shiny panes windows also has a blue clouded sky and fall leaves with bare trees....Come on over and join us.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Love to Create with Crafty Sentiment

Untitled-4It's Ghostly mayhem over at Love to Create Challenges..won't you join us in all the fun and games????

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scor Pal & DCWV Autumn Melody

 Good day my friends! Today along with my fellow design team members I  am giving a shout out to Scor Pal and my beloved DCWV . We have all made you a project using both items to both inspire and awe.....Are you awed??? :) My little book is made using the accordian fold technique on my Scor Pal. I know you have all mostly seen this before but still love the results! Go over to my fellow design team list and click away to see all of these fantastic ideas from us ...Your DCWV design team inspiration guru's :)
(UPDATE) I am sorry I didn't put the details on here further ya all. The mini is 3 X 3 inches. It is the accordian fold technique some call it meander  and I have to admit than when searching,  out of all the tutorials I found,  I prefer Beate Johns best. So here is her link and do have fun. This pattern has been around since the ..well since Oragami was used to tie toga's...or sarongs..or kimono's You get the picture. Have fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sassy Studio's over at Love to Create Challenges

That time of the week again and today over at Love to Create we have Sassy Studio's and some scary-cool images....I love this time of year :)  Mine is Ursula Honey and I got just a bit carried away with the green..and I am pretty certain that where ever she has been living is polluted.  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Booney & Durc out of the weathered and worn stack DCWV

This is a regular 12x12 fold out could put more in it. I have seen files and some with lipstick tags, compacts and such....I did so much with the clasps and straps that I was plum tuckered by the time I finished....Maybe I will do more later. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Blog Blatherings

Today whilst getting ready to pack my studio....I looked around to realize WHolly CRAP! That is a lot of crap! You are all aware that I am hands down a 100% product ho..I can't help if a bag of newly recieved or bought embellies,  paper or a random tube of something in a bazillion variables makes me feel complete. I have hocked merchandise for so long now that I feel almost dirty....I do ..HONEST! Right up until that next random box comes to the all know the sound. Vroom vroom vroom the truck gears down , then you hear the small squeal of the impatient driver opening the slide door whilst plugging the emergency brake.....By this point your heart is in your throat and the body pause has commenced....(inner) voice asking, is it my house or next doors?? BZZZZZZZ inner squeal as you shoot into action towards the front door ..always a small bit o fear that he will leave with out leaving the goods. Ahhh satisfaction. Yes this is a feeling I have long been addicted to and have come to the very brave conclusion that it isn't the stuff in the boxes.....BUT THE HIGH OF THAT KIND OF EXPECTATION.  Instantly I feel the kind of excitement that makes my entire body pee shiver ") I wish you all a pee shivering great day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's EUREKA time !!!

Hello my fellow bloggers and card makers and stampers and colorist and well scrapping gals/fellas..Today over at Love to Create Challenges we are being sponsored by Eureka Digi's..and this is my example. Loved the stamps linear design and found that it works great both horizontally and vertically. Also being used is the Autumn Melody paper from DCWV . It just so happens that they have a paper that fits pretty much everything :)  Happy Fall Y'all!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Love to create challenges "Bugaboo-oooooo"

Over at love to create challenges we are being sponsored by Bugaboo. These whimsical and fun digi's are truly some of my favorites. Come on over enter your pretties and see if you can be awarded a few freebies:)