Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Configurations Box" Le' Romantique Class 2/26 10:30 A.M.

Hello fellow bloggers. Just wanted to introduce the newest class . This is one of my Tim Holtz versions of the 5.5 Configurations Shadow box. In this class we will use The Graphic 45 line Le' Romantique, Tim Holtz  metal feet , curio knobs, distress inks and lots of beads ,ribbon and vintage accents that I am sure will thrill your curiosity! I am so excited! The class will be be $42 and is scheduled for February 26th from 10:30 till we drop dead on the floor from over creative exhaustion! We will break for lunch around 12:30 for about a half hour so feel free to brown bag it .  Come have fun with me! And a card too!!!

And a Card too!!!!!
The supplies are:

Paper Trimmer
Paper piercer
Distress Ink
Detail scissors
Wet (strong) all-purpose quick dry glue
Glue tape
Glossy accents
Needle and thread

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentines Paper Roll Class

Okay you' it is .  February 10 @ 10:30 $15.00 ( comes with raffle ticket) It's simple and sweet with just the right bells and whistles. The Valentines Paper Roll project. We will learn to make faux leather and love potion#9 along with learning a new technique with some of those more difficult papers. Come join me!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Attache' Class ( Postponed)

Sorry Ya all but I had to take one item off my hectic schedule and since I really wanted to do more with this one I chose it. See you soon!
Again with more classes..yep the hits just keep coming til the Mom at Charleston Scrapbooking kicks me to the curb......This one is a little more masculine. It is simple in design and make up. We will make a few inserts/tags. You will be given many extras than what you see so that you may fill your file folder as you see fit. Artistic freedom is a gift. If that doesnt suit you I have ideas abound! We will stay till you are happy or instructor falls dead on floor..whatever happens first! :)

The MANNN is keeping me Down!

Couple weeks back I was reading on Donna's blog aka (Mrs. Superfantabulous) go see her from my link. Anyway she was showing some clothing that she liked and I said OOO that looks in- head -went- thought. So as hubby and I were junk shopping as we often do I found a pattern for clothing though NOT the same, had similarities enough that maybe I could make some of my own out of the scads of material that lives aimlessly at my home.  I was looking at pattern size cause as you all know..I am indeed a hipped gal but again I digress. So assuming if the pattern didn't say large/ex large it wouldn't work cause now days a size 12-14 is larges and ex large in most stores that I have purchased from lately. I looked on the back of my pattern that was labeled xs s and m and low and behold!!! I am a medium maybe even a Small if it wasn't for the boobs.  I JUST KNEW IT! HMPH! It's all them damn men slash anorexic chick designers that can't figure out how to dress a woman that has any angles ( BS straight line artist) That is killing us ladies! So when you think you are getting huge cause the MANNN is changing the rules to suit his untalented ability. Please remember my ranted blog with proof! By the way this pattern was made in 1994.....was that the Thick is in Era?

Wanted...dead or alive!!

I am the bobble from the Graphic 45 Christmas Past Album. I have come up missing..have you seen me?

 It was setting on the counter at Charleston Scrapbooking attached to the album . Someone  or something has confiscated me! "underwear gnomes" Anyway to anyone that may know it's whereabouts please return it NO questions asked. It would be appreciated as this is the only album that I the instructor had of my design. Thank you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A lady always knows when to leave....

Which is why I am damn exhausted and look the part..we stayed to long we know this! We waited for the last horn to officially blow and POOF! We lived there for 8 years..we got married in Reynolds square downtown (what a great day ) But again it is time. We never were ones to stay any where long I suppose, so with out further ado.....We are officially moving to South Kakilaki!
Savannah never did suit me well. I am crass.....arrogant and all around down right bitchy some days so with that being said.....We are leaving Hmph! Taking my toys and playing at Charleston scrapbooking from now on! Oh and more big news and the main reason for our departure is Mr. Man ..the tall ,blue eyed, bad attitude, German that I snore beside has received a promotion! Can you believe it! 6 months into this job and Mr .Smarty pants himself is gonna be the Big Kahuna of with his own division, area???! I'm a chick I don't know much about these things accept for the paystub;)  I am so proud of him. He really is extraordinary!

So gals wish us luck.....we need it cause this move is on us. No more military coming in and doing it for us.