Saturday, January 1, 2011

A lady always knows when to leave....

Which is why I am damn exhausted and look the part..we stayed to long we know this! We waited for the last horn to officially blow and POOF! We lived there for 8 years..we got married in Reynolds square downtown (what a great day ) But again it is time. We never were ones to stay any where long I suppose, so with out further ado.....We are officially moving to South Kakilaki!
Savannah never did suit me well. I am crass.....arrogant and all around down right bitchy some days so with that being said.....We are leaving Hmph! Taking my toys and playing at Charleston scrapbooking from now on! Oh and more big news and the main reason for our departure is Mr. Man ..the tall ,blue eyed, bad attitude, German that I snore beside has received a promotion! Can you believe it! 6 months into this job and Mr .Smarty pants himself is gonna be the Big Kahuna of with his own division, area???! I'm a chick I don't know much about these things accept for the paystub;)  I am so proud of him. He really is extraordinary!

So gals wish us luck.....we need it cause this move is on us. No more military coming in and doing it for us.


  1. Welcome home Amanda! I live in North Charleston, near the Air Force Base. And while I love Charleston Scrapbooking, I hardly ever get there. I'm my mother's care giver. So I don't get out much. I wish you luck with the move. It's a horrible thing to do! Congrats to the hubs! I Know you'll be happy here.

  2. Well my dear,I guess we shall see more of each other at the Charleston Scrapbooking...we shall PLAY with our "toys" AGAIN!...(I'll be there for ANOTHER year!)woo hoo!...
    from Italy with love!

  3. Thank you ladies, Hilma how is Italy?....Do you have new scrap friends yet? And Jessica I wish you could come in. Thank you for the comments ladies and Have a great new year.