Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Quest to be a Know-It-All!!

That is right! You heard me.....I have officially decided at the age of 44 what I want to be when I grow up!
A bonafide 100% KNOW IT ALL! That will be me alright. I realized this morning that I literally can NOT get enough information on the how to's and hence forths of the crafting world and I literally spend hours daily reading, researching and all around figuring on everything to do in it.  I always wondered..I am so relieved to finally have that realization and a plan. Whew ! It was only through the constant search to learn more about EVERYTHING that I realized that which has been staring at me in my face for literally my entire life. I know some of you may say I am an artist....Nope your wrong..if I hadn't have wanted to know it all in the first place I would never have been able to acquire that skill. So as I send this out into the blogging world so that other not as accomplished know it all's read,  "pish" Wanna-Be's! Remember this one thing....No matter who you thought had this or that original idea.....ask the egg about the chicken.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning the "blogger" ropes .

To all that peek in here I am so sorry for the confusion. I am learning how to do all that neat and nifty stuff to a blog that so many before have done. I am late! But in saying that and since I have just started to learn now they will change it all again and I will rebel for another 10 years before I finally grasp and accept "it". Craziness the way I refuse to accept change.

Wholly Cow! Thats funny!

Okay so I go to this website called Cute overload. This one reminds me of the fans at a sports event..." Hi Mom"! Go see what else they have too CUTE!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shewww! It's done! Admissions for ROUND 2 sent!

Okay let the chips fall where they may... I have taped /glued/fused/cut/trimmed/stapled/painted/embossed/distressed/inked/perforated/tore/sewn/ironed and crinkled my way through the rough stuff and I am officially exhausted. In my experience it has been through failure of the same project over and over that I will finally concede to the plain and simple fact...paper IS NOT material ...CRAP! So with the constant can-do attitude I have done my best and hopefully that'll do it or get er done as we here so frequently in the south state. "SIGH" Wish me much luck and if you get the inkling to add in a few prayers that would be really nice? We find out the big result on April 1st...yeah ha ha right? And if I don't make it I will feature all the projects/rejects that I made "just in case" You all have a happy go lucky day!