Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shewww! It's done! Admissions for ROUND 2 sent!

Okay let the chips fall where they may... I have taped /glued/fused/cut/trimmed/stapled/painted/embossed/distressed/inked/perforated/tore/sewn/ironed and crinkled my way through the rough stuff and I am officially exhausted. In my experience it has been through failure of the same project over and over that I will finally concede to the plain and simple fact...paper IS NOT material ...CRAP! So with the constant can-do attitude I have done my best and hopefully that'll do it or get er done as we here so frequently in the south state. "SIGH" Wish me much luck and if you get the inkling to add in a few prayers that would be really nice? We find out the big result on April 1st...yeah ha ha right? And if I don't make it I will feature all the projects/rejects that I made "just in case" You all have a happy go lucky day!

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