Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Quest to be a Know-It-All!!

That is right! You heard me.....I have officially decided at the age of 44 what I want to be when I grow up!
A bonafide 100% KNOW IT ALL! That will be me alright. I realized this morning that I literally can NOT get enough information on the how to's and hence forths of the crafting world and I literally spend hours daily reading, researching and all around figuring on everything to do in it.  I always wondered..I am so relieved to finally have that realization and a plan. Whew ! It was only through the constant search to learn more about EVERYTHING that I realized that which has been staring at me in my face for literally my entire life. I know some of you may say I am an artist....Nope your wrong..if I hadn't have wanted to know it all in the first place I would never have been able to acquire that skill. So as I send this out into the blogging world so that other not as accomplished know it all's read,  "pish" Wanna-Be's! Remember this one thing....No matter who you thought had this or that original idea.....ask the egg about the chicken.

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  1. Girl, both me and you can go on a quest together to be better know it alls. If you ask my husband he already says I am a total know it all, but I think he is wrong.

    I am digging the ne blog layout and updates!! I am trying desparately to get on the ball with my scrapbooking blog, I have like ten posts in the works, yet nothing published! YIKES!!

    I am gonna get on that TODAY!!