Saturday, April 16, 2011

With the sweets comes the sours.....

So as you all know I entered the design team contest for G45...Sigh! And as you all know I didn't make the team. Now I have to say what I have been saying from the beginning, G45's picks for the team were hands down smart business decisions along with some UBER talented people and I say people because some that were picked are actually TEAMS! K so very huge "hands clapping " Congratulations to you all. Now all that said I received my entries back. This is not good folks because if a person was to EVER feel like their art work wasn't respected IT'S ME! They placed the fairy in the box I sent her in with some of the wrapping that she was sent with . However, they didn't secure her to her base box...therefore allowing her to roll around in the box from Portland to Charleston resulting in her wings being jacked up, she is cracked at the waist and can't hold herself up, and her beaded lantern is completely missing.......WHY? is the question I asked them when I emailed them...they let me know that they packed it "gingerly" Proof is in the murdered fairy that, that is a BIG OLE LIE! Oh and they Thanked me for the information! Seriously???????  I replied with a return email that was more indignant and I have yet to receive a response. UBER terrible show on their part and shame on their ridiculous immaturity of not at least giving an apology without erasing it by shucking responsibility. What the hell is wrong with people?..I feel violated!  Hey, by the way, they stuffed this consolation prize in with my card and layout bending them up as well...did I forget to say Thanks...................You Betcha!

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