Sunday, August 19, 2018

Crystal Light Wand Of Protection

Hello and Welcome Back!
(Please be sure to click pics for closer view)
I apologize for some pics my camera is older and as it was a gift from my sweety I can not rid myself to replace.

I have been slowly getting back into the arty studio vibe after what has seemed like a year 

It has been...Hmmmph! Let no one tell you that relocating and remodeling are a easy task..It has been far from your average half hour fixer upper.  But, in the end, well worth it. We love our home and my studio is cluttering up to be a proper arty mess. 

I have just taken the 
Wands of Protection online class (info below) By Michael Demeng. That is my 7 or 8th class I have taken and I always learn so much. 
My Wand looks a bit more Scepter But hey! To each his own. She measures around 19.5" with her back wall holder around 17". I love her and think the crystals that I  had hanging around in my stash have found their home, I made her wings by pounding out wire to my specifications and using a jewelry file to clean the rough edges. I wish I would have looked at the package for the gauge on that...else I could tell you. The real task was boring a hole in the bisque of the frozen charlotte so I could attach the wings securely. Water and a good diamond bit in my trusting dremel did the trick!  

I worried that she would be too plain but then decided to let you decide") 
 I sewed her crystals in with silk material and silver thread. The small rounds are once again the xmas bulbs. I throw next to nothing away . Organization is key to having a lot and no one knowing it ") One day I will share my studio. It has become my ultimate place and I wish to be stuffed and live here for all eternity..too weird?

 Crystal Light Wand of Protection
(Please be sure to click on pic for closer view)

Long have I loved the Demeng's and the amazing creations that spew forth from the depths of their arty minds and this latest online endeavor that Mr. Demeng has brought forward is no acception. If you don't have the pleasure of taking a brick and mortar class then do try one of his many online classes. You will not be disappointed.

                                                                  Michael Demeng

My supplies were a old paint brush, broken up frozen charlotte, light bulbs from a head lamp and a old set of xmas lights, some odds and end jewelry finds, wire and a mish mash of thread, material, a beveled board found in a yard sale box and  apoxie clay.

Have a ARTY kinda day!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Alcohol Ink Type of Month

Alcohol Ink Type Of Month
Blue Bi Bloom
 It has been a Alcohol Ink type of month. I have the studio just about 80% set up and my arty self got stuck in the rut of becoming familiar with the new digs. Sooo because pinterest is the idea capital of the internet I decided that every time I get stuck I would take an idea from there and see what it grows into. I showed a few of these last month on facebook but I think I have improved a bit.
Dropping ink out of a bottle and creating something recognizable is harder that I thought 
(emerge ugh/sigh emoji) 
Copics are easier.

My Favorite so far is definitely the piece I titled Liquid Forest.
Please be sure to click on the art to get a closer view of each piece.

Bloomed Pearls


Chartrueblue Hue

This was an idea from pinterest I could not get
the link to follow to the original artist or I would share.

Swamp 1


Liquid Forest

Jelly Cones

Have A Great Weekend !