Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aquatic Pools

Don't you just love when something totally unexpected happens and it turns out to be a 


So when I received my 

extruder I was kinda was so light and compact and even though I have long since had experience with the Factory, ala Play Doh....all my snakes came out barbed "( I thought ut oh! This could be bad.

(sorry I shout a lot)

So easy and So Perfect, in fact all of my necklace here is made from scraps from 2 other projects...HOW exciting is that?

Aquatic Pools
This lovely pendent was made by taking extruded/stacked canes and putting them together, rolling them through the Ultimate Clay Machine stage #1 and wrapped with extruded linguini :) Then fill the disc with Glossy accents. Adhere these together with a good jewelry glue, I use super glue gel. The lovely flat black chain is courtesy of Blue Moon Beads. 


Sunday, July 26, 2015

It is a Makins kinda day!!!

Today I want to throw out this cute little ditty")

Now I am just giving you the peek a boo part and you will need to follow the link below to see how it's done. This fun little project is just right for the 
Going Back to School theme

I hope you have a Makins Clay Fun Kinda Day!