Thursday, January 6, 2011

The MANNN is keeping me Down!

Couple weeks back I was reading on Donna's blog aka (Mrs. Superfantabulous) go see her from my link. Anyway she was showing some clothing that she liked and I said OOO that looks in- head -went- thought. So as hubby and I were junk shopping as we often do I found a pattern for clothing though NOT the same, had similarities enough that maybe I could make some of my own out of the scads of material that lives aimlessly at my home.  I was looking at pattern size cause as you all know..I am indeed a hipped gal but again I digress. So assuming if the pattern didn't say large/ex large it wouldn't work cause now days a size 12-14 is larges and ex large in most stores that I have purchased from lately. I looked on the back of my pattern that was labeled xs s and m and low and behold!!! I am a medium maybe even a Small if it wasn't for the boobs.  I JUST KNEW IT! HMPH! It's all them damn men slash anorexic chick designers that can't figure out how to dress a woman that has any angles ( BS straight line artist) That is killing us ladies! So when you think you are getting huge cause the MANNN is changing the rules to suit his untalented ability. Please remember my ranted blog with proof! By the way this pattern was made in 1994.....was that the Thick is in Era?

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