Thursday, October 11, 2012

Booney & Durc out of the weathered and worn stack DCWV

This is a regular 12x12 fold out could put more in it. I have seen files and some with lipstick tags, compacts and such....I did so much with the clasps and straps that I was plum tuckered by the time I finished....Maybe I will do more later. Enjoy!


  1. Holy cow, I love this purse!! I would totally carry it (even if it is jus paper). The strap is amazing!

  2. I worship you craft Goddess, that is freaking awesome.

  3. WOW! Had to look at the details! Is there a link to this "regular 12 x 12 fold out purse"? I love the patterns you chose! And addicted to getting goodies in the mail? I actually buy .99 charms from China just to get little packages in the mail! LOL!