Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Housing UPDATE!!!!

Welcome to the Midwest!!!

It is literally days before the Month of December and much to my shagrin I was right..Can you imagine the chaos in my mind over that?!?!?

I said in the beginning that it would probably be Thanksgiving before we got the house organized..and even though there is still around 35 boxes left to unpack in various places -garage,basement etc....It isn't the 510 we started with! Wow!
I joke that we are 50 shades of grey and if you could see all the samples that had to be gone through to see what looked purple and beige and sometimes even green in our different types of was literally so.
(remember to click on pictures to zoom in)

I tried to take good pictures...and I am delighted to share what we have so far...

Before: the living room was this

And now the Living area looks like this!

And the Kitchen

 Yellow isn't my color ..we re-did the hood to a vented one and removed the bench from the window/replaced the sink, counter tops and redid all the lighting to  LED.

The After


Before: we replaced the chalky surfaced tub..YUCK! Finding the tile to match what was already in the shower was easy because luckily the pre owner had redone the shower less than a year before we purchased.

AFTER: A soaker tub and a antique mirror really updated the place..dontcha think?

There are more updates coming this is all we could do this year...we are pooped!!!
Happy Holidays! 


  1. nice job you guys. hope it was fun!!

  2. Thank you Susan, we really have enjoyed this move. So many new people and the town we live in is truly wonderful.