Friday, August 16, 2013

I am in fact a Smarty Pants!!!

Today. I was bored...Yes I know what your thinking..
how can a girl that lives in craftopia be bored???
It happens.
So I surfed....(do people call it this still?) and stumbled upon IQ testing....
So as a joke (sorta) always worried about the Alzheimer's since mean-o-pause kicked in and scatter brain-ness is a normal part of my life.
I decided I would check and see.
Now I am not certain if these are accurate and mixing my IQ number with the fact that remembering that bra's generally don't fit well over robes or that stopping -walking long enough to not get the strap wrapped around an ankle :0....wellllll
Let's just say it's kind of sketchy! 
But never the less It made me feel all smart for about 5 minutes and I want you to feel that way too...but for longer........"awkward"
IQ test  I tested 143 here
Free IQ test I tested 134 here
Who Freakin new I am in fact, according to random internet testing, a bonafide
Smarty Pants!
As you know...they can't lie on the internet. I also confirmed this with my
French model, cousin and his insurance company")
Have fun!
( I would like to tell you that all the type o's in this article were on purpose....

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