Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mini File Folders in Burlap!

No Foolin!!

DCWV has now introduced Burlap stacks..can you believe it!
They are pretty and fun to work with...
(not for couch pillows for those of you who have seen earlier post of mine :)

So today I have created a tutorial for you using our little 6x6 Burlap stack

Aren't they sweet?

You will need to make each mini file box

2 - 6x6 sheets  burlap paper
12- mini brads
1- label holder (optional)
Score board 
bone folder and larger rounded scorer
When cutting your burlap paper on a paper cutter do it burlap down: then take paper out and cut again with scissors. This will make for a perfect clean cut.
When scoring your paper: place paper burlap side down on board, score once with larger tipped scorer and then again with bone folder aka smaller tipped scorer. Again making your scoring line almost perfect. Please keep in mind that burlap is rough..if you score to fast you will skip your track from the texture and end up off where you wanted to be:P

Cut box paper 6x6 square
taking ruler to help steady on score board score in 
1 1/2 " all around then again at 1 3/4 "

Cutting out the corner 1 1/2 inch square on each corner and mitering the corners fold in .

Bend in edges as seen and punch desired holes and secure with brads...this will take a little finesse.
The Lid

Cut another sheet 4 1/2" x 4 1/2 "
Score at the 1 " mark all around and the 1/2 " mark all around.
Fold and bone fold to straighten.

Trim corner on "ends only" and same! refold and secure with brads.

Whaaaa laaa! 


  1. Thank you! these are so cute. I can't wait to try it!

  2. OMG I just love these, not to hunt down these papers as my Joann and Michaels don't have them!!

  3. Amanda, I love your idea with the burlap! These would be the perfect storage answer for my husband's small office supplies! Masculine but stylish! Good luck on your DT submission! Needing to get back on a few myself. Feeling like creating... a lot!

    1. Thank you Jan, They didn't take me but want me to do some guest spots..I seem to be the guest spot queen ") Glad you like the folders they are fun and really sweet..I see Christmas stuff in theme.

  4. Saw these on the DCWV blog and I had to stop by and see them in person - absolutely LOVELY!

  5. Saw your finished project on DCWV blogspot. I make a lot of boxes, but hadn't even considered doing it with the paper! Thank you! And the tips for cutting and scoring will save me some headaches, I'm sure! You rock!