Sunday, October 2, 2016


Day 2 Project # 4
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First I am just gonna lay this out on the table...
Today I Amanda Phillips was born in the back seat of a car a 1961 oldsmobile.
 (probably the same place I was conceived!) 
At approximately 1:00p.m. going towards the Wilmington hospital in Ohio!
I am the big "50"
What a great year to be alive") 

(INSPIRED) by the one and only 
Michael Demeng
Skullduggery workshop link HERE
Truly if you don't have the opportunity to get out to one of his amazing workshops this is the next best thing. 
With jammies and coffee in a never ending supply and of course showers are optional;) 
 Tell them I sent ya over by saying so in the payment comment section and I will send you a set of 5 various vacuum tubes to use at your arty discretion:) Or contact me at attn: I want tubes") 

I used several extra pieces from my studio to create this guy.
First was a paper mache ant that wanted to be a spider bought at the local...I helped him with that. Lots of tubes and spare skeleton dollar store pieces parts, Apoxie brand clay and golden acrylics.

ARACHNATUBIA is 15"W 6-1/2"T and 11" L 

And a big ole wave to my friends over at the
Artist and Craftsman Supply Uptown for having an Awesome paper mache ANT!


  1. oh this is fabulous. I was invited through my twitter account and book marked it to watch for next year. simply f a b u l o u s !
    Happy Day 2

  2. Whoa! That is very cool...and very scary! Kudos for some brilliant creativity!!

  3. Wow..this took my breath brilliant..Gennyxxx

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! you have gone over the top with this.... awesome altered work!!! I can see how you were inspired!!! Happy 31 DOH!

  5. That is the most crazy spooky spider I have ever seen - and I live in Australia rofl Fantastic work, I am loving your creations!!

  6. Totally disgusting! What a spider! Loving it!

  7. That is the spookiest spider I have ever seen!

  8. SO KEWL LOVE IT that is one freaky kick azz spider

  9. Ooooh - how super cool. What an amazing transformation :-) xx