Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween "Flash Back"

Happy Halloween!!!
It is the very last day of 
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What a journey!!! I am truly amazed that I came this far and with some pretty severe illness as well! 
I would like to truly Thank all that inspired and supported me here through all your many heartfelt and amazing thoughts. I was truly touched. 
For the last day I am going to do a Flash Back post, Items I have made over my designing career that just always made me feel accomplished. Do you ever have that feeling when your done with a project? Like hmmmm and then you think(hmmm i don't know) under your breath. I do this all the time and then see the project about a year later and go HEY!!! not to bad. I hope you always feel accomplished and share all your beautiful creations no matter what.

Happy Halloween to all and I hope your 25% costuming tax is filled with chocolates and delicious candies! 


  1. So many fun projects.
    We are our own worst enemies - never
    satisfied with what we've done and
    sure we could do more to improve it.
    It's been a fun month. Hate to see
    it send but I'll be following you.
    take care of yourself and thanks for

  2. A fabulous set of creations!
    I know exactly what you mean when you look at things you've made. I too am rarely happy with my results...

  3. These are so awesome! I can't pick a favorite!!!!

  4. Such truly gorgeous creations - AWESOME !!!!
    Well done on getting to Day 31 xxxxxxxx