Friday, October 14, 2016

Grimoire Magique

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Today I am happy to have day 14 project up and running!!!

My Example today is 

Grimoire Magique
I have so many times wanted to put something together for Halloween like this

 I used a Tim Holtz configurations book , a cut up skelly face and a dollar frame from michaels dollar spot.Oh and the tattered hardware sizzix.
 Now it gets fun! Using a assortment of wee bottles I made all kinds of ingredients. Dragonfly wings are real..Honeycomb "real" ....Beetle real...Lizard in a tube "Real"! All found objects after their demise. To save any found object all you need is a old plastic container filled with salt..enough to cover anything kinda moist, let set for a few weeks and wa la!!! Fossil!

 This wee little mirror with tree etch was created with etch-all..I can not take credit for this little idea as I read it in a magazine years ago, I believe (forgive me if I am wrong) Keri Sereika wrote and demonstrated the article.  You simple make a shape out of the vinyl with your cricut or punch and place on mirror, use etch -all as directed! FUN! I made these years ago and finally had a place to use them.



  1. Fangtastic box. this would go great
    with my miniature collection.
    We have a large beatle that
    we found years ago. Never did
    know what it was but I put into
    a covered container and it's been
    there all this time. I had
    forgotten about it until I was
    going to give my son the watch
    that was also hanging in the container.
    Don't remember if we tried to preserve
    him or were just lucky.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cool! I love all the little labeled bottles.

  3. OOHH - this is fabulous! I intended to do something like this last year - but my little display case is still empty!!

  4. Oh my good golly gosh, this is AMAZING!!! I have poured over each photo, drinking in all the delicate details in the hopes that I don't miss anything! The bee hive, the beetle, the dragonfly wings - just outstanding. I was impressed with the front of the box, but absolutely blown away by the inside. Fab job!

  5. OMG, FABULOUS and so creative and fun and creepy!
    Awesome sauce!

  6. I adore this book! Love every bit and bob about it! and what a fantastic cover! xx

  7. Wonderful creation - I loved looking at all those little gizmos. It's amazing :-) xxxxx