Thursday, October 3, 2013

Put a label on it!!

Good Thursday Morning!
I wanted to share one of the areas of my house.
I love to decorate..I do....and if it has meaning or history then the pieces I use make me even happier. 
You will see I have labeled my foyer with our name in 12" letters . 
This was an amazing amount of fun and honestly while I was painting these they just looked cool splayed out literally everywhere")
The little wooden kiddy trike was my fathers when he was little...he is 73 today.
the small black pictures on the shelf are of my Grandmother Annabelle and her Sister Jenny when they were  teenagers. Ahhh Those wacky days that dad would let you and your sis take the horse and buggy to meeting alone. Wild ones there! ") The acrylic cog was given to me from a my dear friend Jackie (finder of great junk) .  I have a lot of my own work here. The bird house, file drawer , birdie cart , little burlap file boxes , and the little suitcase. These will all be linked to when I first posted them on here so you can get better detail. My fathers first pair of welding glasses still in the tin box carry case. My first peanuts book too (which I might add was released on my birthday October 2, 1963) so we sorta share a birthday. I love my creative world and hope you will too. 
(Please excuse the bad shots I have been trying to home remedy my old camera)
" not so much a rebel anymore"


  1. This is so fantastic! I love all the personal touches too. And your name at the top with those letters is just the perfect addition! What a beautiful place in your home Amanda!

  2. hey that & looks prefect. i LOVE IT.

  3. Beautiful! my room is a disaster at this time!