Friday, January 30, 2015

My New Years Resolution!!!

Good Friday Morning!!
Okay, okay I know I am about a month late!! Literally!
But some times...things take time. This year instead of the usual I will lose 50 lbs. ,or hey,! I will swear off chocolate "liar,liar pants on fire" I decided to get down to what I really wanted in this world. Hmmmp thinking, thinking (smell smoke)? The truth is, that since I was a little one laying in the grass spitting out clover because even though they said it was wasn't at all. I blame bug poo"P
I never wanted to be anything other than an artist, and maybe a cowgirl once in a while ;) 
So what haven't I done that I need to get too? 
Stringing The Light Banjo
"Friends Door"
"See Me"

I am so excited to hear what you think! 

Here is where I have used the Encaustic paints, which is a beeswax and oil paint medium,  DCWV newsprint paper stack and burlap!!! Varnish. Old book pages, And you guessed it folks..CLAY! All that know me pretty well know I am a sculptor at heart and clay is just the dimension I need for such a fun pieces! 
I truly hope you enjoy my journey with me and have a great day!
Poppies, because it had to be done ")


  1. Wow. Fabulous. All of them.

    Friendships Door really resonates with me!

    Good on you for meeting one of your resolutions.