Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank you my friend.

This is a thank you card I recieved from one of my dear friends. Amber did such a truly beautiful job that I asked if I could share with all my blog buddies and she said yes! Weee, isn't it beautiful....She stitched it and embellished it and distressed the cardboard that she diecut out....So much work! When I  recieve something that took this kind of effort, it is I that feels like I should be saying Thank you. But then...She would send another amazing creation.  Then, after a while, like girls do...It would become bigger, more embellished, and NO ONE KNOWS what to do with those damn cards that are 1 foot by 2 foot big.
I love you girlie and thank you.  


  1. Manda Panda...thanks for the kind words. Love you too girlie!!