Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today our Hop is Hosted by Tina from Crafty and Green. She Loves to Craft Green!!

 I am so honored to have been made a part of the Crafty and Green blog hop for Earth Day. When I was asked I was over the roof excited about it, then as life often does it got hectic at my house. Busy doing this and that and have to make 15 what-nots for the thingy ma jig and 32 doo-dads for the other guys and the next thing I know, in the words of Emeril, BAM! It was here. I panicked. I did, I can’t deny it. I was running around looking at everything, and I do mean everything, thinking of things to make out of anything not bolted down in my house. Then, how will I decide what will inspire and provoke …Finally exhausted, as I lay flat out on the floor overwhelmed with a toe twitching, inspiration came. It came in the form of my husband saying a simple sentence. “I don’t know what your getting so crazy about, you do this every day". AHHHHHH the clouds parted and the light from the sun shown through……WHY YES, YES I DO! So I started the search and realized we all do.  To be a crafter is to make something out of something else and most of the time it is simply utilizing what we need from what we have. So there you have it! Man has been doing this and handing down this tradition for ages and we teach it to our children almost from birth….I have included in my photos a little lady bug made from a walnut shell that my son painted for me in kindergarten, “sniff” he is 27 now.  
So with out any more fuss …I have taken a picture with some old , some new, some borrowed and some blue in deep hopes that you feel inspired. Please reuse and utilize your local restore/thrift and good wills and please take your newspapers to the ASPCA...they need all they can get. Thank you.

The bird charm was made using a spellbinders die cut to cut the birds from a blue plastic cup and the disk is cut from a wine bottle cork.
The flowers were made from newspaper using a TH die “tattered flowers” glimmer mist and Mr. Huey’s spray
The Red flower cards white mat is actually a piece of white styrofoam cup put through an embossing plate then cut with a Spellbinders die.
The bracelet is shrinky dinks, with added buttons and old clock works as interesting beads and spacers.
The bodice doll is made from a paper mache form dressed with the lining of a pair of old pants and the stand is a old screw driver and door knob for the head.
The Bird house is a take on electric with old fuses and insulators as the stand.

 What a Great Way to Share our Love of the Earth by having a Fun Blog Hop! You should have hippity hopped along from ( Tina's ), but if you just stopped by my blog to visit today, I don't want you to miss a single thing!! Please start at the beginning which is HERE.

Sponsors & Blog Candy:
What's a Hop without some fun Candy to go Along with it?

Scraptastiscal Kreations- $20 Gift Certificate


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Simply Silverton- A bath kit in the fragrance of the winners choice-
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Rules to be Eligible for The Blog Candy:
1.) You MUST visit each blog and leave a comment on every blog in the hop
2.) You must become a follower of Crafty and Green if you aren't already!
3.) For an “Extra” Entry for the Blog Candy, Please Friend Tina at CraftyandGreen on Facebook

So, with new and old examples of how I have repurposed and reused and with a big thank you for joining us today…I bid you happy blog hopping.


  1. I can honestly say that your work is very inspiring!!! The bird house with the bird on the wires above first caught my eye, but it is all so beautiful!! Glad to be in this hop with you!!

  2. very nice idea's...

  3. WOW! I had no idea you could put styrofoam through a Sizzix type machine! What a great idea, and I love the bright white it has and the texture! I also love the insulators on your bird house! I have always been fascinated by those! Roberta
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  4. Wow! That sums it up! I can't believe all the work you did! Fuse work, styrofoam cup through an embosser, clock innards! Wow! You did an awesome job!
    kidshomelove at

  5. Love it all! What great inspiration to say the least. I love how you incorporated the newspaper and made a flower out of it. Very nice job!

  6. What amazing Projects, Amanda! I'm so happy & feel so blessed that you joined us!! Your Projects just inspire me!

    Thanks Again!
    Many Blessings,

  7. Holy Smokes! Fantastic job. I love the little telephone poles omg there so cute. Great job! new follower.


  8. what fabulous ideas, great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Amanda, these are amazing.....reminds me of walking into one of those eclectic boutiques I love so, so much!

  10. WOWSERS!!! These are all just awesome projects. I am loving them all and the flowers are gorgeous. I am a new follower and loving your blog!!!

    Linda xxxx

  11. Beautiful project!! You did an amazing job!


  12. These projects are super cute! My favorite is the red newspaper flower. I have recently started working with cork, so it was great to get some inspiration, thanks!

  13. Unbelievable projects! They are all very unique and creative. Awesome job and thanks for sharing!

  14. Love your projects. Thanks for sharing.

  15. WOW!!! What awesome projects!!!
    I am loving all the recycled items you used! Very crafty and very green!!

  16. very cool projects!! Each and every one!

  17. You are too funny! I will think of you the next time I procrastinate, lay on the floor and wait for the clouds to part!! It worked really well for you! Thanks so much for sharing

  18. Awesome projects!!!!!New Follower.

  19. love it all! so pretty and inspiring! i'm happy to be a new follower!

  20. Wonderful projects! I really like idea of using a Styrofoam cup for a mat.

  21. Wonderful way to re-purpose! became a new follower and thanks for sharing your inspirations! :)

  22. You are a GREENcrafting GODDESS! I love all of your creations! The house with the crooked electrical post made me giggle. Thanks for being a part of this earthday hop! PINNING!!!

  23. I would really love to follow your blog via email. Blogger has a gadget for that now. Please let me know when I can sign up! sbartist1107 at yahoo dot com

  24. Wow.. COol creations.. Love your story.. Blog hops o come here fast.. You think one min.. eh I have a month and then relize o my gosh 1 day! Wow ..must say you did a fabulous job! Thanks for showing us how you went green!

  25. WOW - multiple creations for this blog hop. I love them all, but I think that the bird house is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. wow now that was a real treat. lots of awesome inspirational pieces. Those were some awesome pieces of work. great prizes for the winner too