Friday, December 3, 2010

December Blathering!

Some days you just feel like the floor................hubby is in Korea and even though I am generally used to deployments this is my first where we can't really reach each other over the wire. Weird experience here I guess. Tuesday I had the Jolly Jingle class which was a awesome success . Thank you Ladies without you this wouldn't be a fun hobby at all. I am getting ready for New Years with a lil somfin for you all..stay tuned. Also I would like to give a special Howdy do to Mrs. Hilma...I met this lovely lady at my class and she was truly a treat that is moving back to her home land in Italy very soon. I have no doubt I will miss you Hilma. You are a lovely lady.

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  1. Thank YOU very so much Mrs. Amanda....It was MY pleasure meeting you!...Thank you for those two BEATIFUL classes!...I have no words to express my gratitude for ALL the new tecniques I've learned thanks to you..I will treasure them and hope to be able to come back to Charleston AGAIN!...You have SO MUCH love and passion for your hobby,not to mention the PATIENCE you have for each of your "students"!...I am SURE the good Lord will give us a chance to meet again!!!!...(just a gut feeling!)Happy holidays to you and your awesome family....especially for your "lil" grandbabe!....