Friday, November 19, 2010

My God The impossible has HAPPENED!

That's right the impossible.  I was disgusted away from the shoe department.  Today hubby and I went shopping, I am currently on the search for the perfect pair of clogs.  They can't be just any clogs you see. They must say hippie chick, cool but old enough to not be ridiculous.  AKA NO 4 inch heels!  Any way as I meandered through the shoe department past the boot section...the very section that has been my nemesis for years.  I was born a petite woman.  My body forgot to actually grow any type of length and with that being simply must be altered to fit around my popeye calves.  So, any way, as I walk past the section admiring them and yet feeling like they are so close and yet so far away two "younger" ladies were trying on the very objects of my afar affection when one of them actually asked the other.............."Do these look right?  My legs or uh my ankles are too skinny."..........If you could see me right now I have the face of a stone.  Are you freakin kidding me?  Who in the halibut says shnit like that?  These two women  cleary have never in their entire existence met an oreo cookie.  I on the other hand haven't met one I didn't take a true kinship to.  So literally I went and fetched my hubby, who by this time was on a drunken high from the smell of leather and the sound of zippers, to feel my complete disgust at these women's ingratitude for what they have been bestowed.....I however wouldn't know anything about that.  Have a great day my fellow cankled friends.


  1. Hi Amanda, I just found you on Chasn. Scrapin store site. What beautiful projects! Ilove your work. I rarely get up to the store because I am my mom's caregiver. So unless someone stays with her, I don't get out much. But hopefully I'll be able to take one of your classes soon! Thanks for sharing your lovely talent with us in blogland!

  2. Thank you Jessica ! I hope to meet you soon as well. I will try to get more on here as this month has proven hectic "december" craziness and all . Where are you from?