Friday, September 10, 2010

Watercolor classes with Mrs. Peggy Cone

The cardinal was my first so we had it framed....Then the lighthouse. Then the marshland. I found the basic pattern for the bird in a book and painted it accordingly, But with out taking the classes I would probably never had the nerve to do it on my own.

This one is from a pattern book i found.
These are some watercolors I did under the instruction of Mrs. Peggy Cone. She is a local Savannah artist . The pure joy of watching her use a paint brush "effortlessly" I might add and talk as if we could all see exactly what was in her head...Well the privilage was all mine to even be in the presence of this 83 year old dynamo. Again I Thank you Mrs. Peggy you are the best.


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  2. The pond with the egret (or is it a heron?) is really lovely. I also have two of Peggy Cone's paintings (both floral watercolors, one of daylillies and the other of a pink iris clump). We visited Savannah about 30 years ago and bought these two then, I cherish them!

  3. Found two painting today of flowers if interested