Friday, September 10, 2010

My tribute to my Hubby inspired by: Mr. Tim Holtz

When I started this project I literally became overwhelmed so it took me a good while to complete. I just needed focus and then I realized that even though the concept was Tim's, the part that had me stuck was how to make it mine. Look real close I bet you can see how I did that . Tim used mainly his grungeboard letters with just a few extra's and even though it's "Fabulous" as all of his pieces are. Some of the doo-dad's and thingamabobs and hickymado's are literally heirlooms from my family's history. In total this measures out to 30" by 30" with each tile being 9 inches square. I have tried to teach others what I learned with this piece. The truth is you just have to feel it. Life is good!

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