Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ho'mage To Raggedy Ann

Today is a continuation of my dolly shoe article over on


But Now I get to show you who is wearing the shoes!!!
She stands a total of 9 1/2" tall 
It is none other than 

Raggedy Ann
for more pictures of my baby in all her dress please visit this link?

Her hair is made of Makins Clay through the Makins Clay extruder and curled, crimped, cut, then glued using Super glue gel.
I used an entire 120g. package of the Peach Makins clay for her body. 

She is folksy and fun!


  1. Eeeee !!! How super awesome :-D That is ultra clever. I love RA's :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Awww ,Thank you so much! I love Raggedy ann too..she was the first hair rebel")"embrace the Frizz"