Friday, June 14, 2013

Mastering The Bedroom With DCWV !!

I Am Mastering My Bedroom With DCWV

Thanks to one of my friends sharing an idea she seen on tv or maybe it was Pinterest I am not sure which one   but, I was in fact inspired!
Thank you Susan!
She said that the new trend was to cover books in all one paper so that they matched!! 
Wholly cow that is brilliant! So I set off to find my DCWV STACK "Timeless Textures" that matched or accented my master and BAM! Now my favorite books are stylishly disguised and handy at the same time.
Then adding my tree decal supplied by DCWV yet again I adhered it to my wall and mirror. 


  1. That is awesome, come to my house and help me.

  2. that is really a great idea!! It was in Opra's house