Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flipped over Butterflies !!

Today our tutorial will be all about "Butterflies"

And the horizontal flip!!!

That's right today we will learn how to use some of our exciting staples and products over at 
and her sister company

I will be showing you how to flip on transparency and assemble this beautiful tag.

I began by selecting one of our lovely digi's 
39001 Legend of the Butterfly
When using transparencies many of them have a rough side and a slick side ..usally you must feed the sheet into the printer so that the ink may adhere to the rough side..
(when doing projects the slick side is prettier) 
To be able to see your phrase clearly "not backwards"
you will have to flip the digi.  (see pic)

Now to make the components.
You will need 

To cut your tags to the size required and punch the
bottom with a decorative edge.
Use sheer scotch tape to mask the
tag where you want no mica powder accents.
soaking 58501 Butterfly backgrounds stamp
 with a neutral solvent "I used versa mark this time ".
Stamp your accent piece of paper with your stamp.
 Generously sprinkle on your sticky powder.
melt with heat gun till shiny ( be careful to not over do -it!)

While sticky powder is still wet 
sprinkle your metallic powders onto your image.
You may now cut this paper to the size that fits your tag.

When doing your third accent sheet be certain to mask with your tape the edges of your die cut...
Now assemle..using various accent pieces dipped into the sticky powder and metallic powdered you can have a beautiful and artsy tag!



  1. what is sticky powder, is it like embossing powder?

    1. It works like embossing but when you heat it it is more like a glue...when it dries it is very permanent.