Friday, January 4, 2013

Whooaaaa... Where have I been?

So I have been gone....disappeared, Practically invisible!!! Nahh the truth is my fine followers is that Me and the Mr. have indeed been moving into the new house. Annnd we been sick with the bluck and the bottom line is we aren't done yet with bugs or boxes but, hopefully will see the light at the end of the tunnel by kissy face day. Crossing fingers ...please please please.

Now all that being said , I thought I would share part of the grand adventure with ya'all. Starting with the fact that we have had possessions in literally 3 different spots "even different states" for 3 years....and it has got to be stopped or gotten rid of, else I will end up as a mini, reality tv, starlet being featured on hoarders! Have you watched that show? Uck! Whats worse is that I actually have family members over the years that have been just like that. My Grandmother (God rest her soul) was both a animal and a paper back book/Harlequin romance hoarder. When she became hospitalized and very ill my mother and sis went in the house and cleaned ...and cleaned and cleaned. And it stayed that way because every week after that ....They went back to clean. My auntie had my Ma and sis come in after seeing their fine work, to help her with her home. The large scoop shovel used to get the molded magazines off the wall and the riding lawn mower with a tree growing through it are still stories told at any and all family gatherings. What happens to those people after those shows?? Sigh , It's a mystery.

So here we are trying to gather, sort and toss. Now y'all know that the very hardest part about separating yourself from what you see as supplies is the fact that everything seen and gathered was once for a purpose to make something else..I mean heck...Do you all realize just how many uses a metal can has? I literally have no less than 4 full closets of reusable /recyclable items that are just too damn cool to part with. You know I will need it the very instant the garbage man taketh away "sniff".
Sooo hubby says this, I think it best if we get a couple cabinets out in the garage for your "alterables" he says,....So literally if you find something new to keep, he says....It won't clutter up your studio's and if you fill the cabinets then you know you have to either use up some stuff or get rid of some stuff , he says......   I say, DEAL! We shook on it and away we go.
So before I have to attend next seasons company Christmas party with Honey Boo Boo, I am off to organize.
Wish me big luck!


  1. Isn't it nice to have a helper.

  2. LOL!! OMG!!! I am right there with ya sista!! Thankfully I have the full basement to myself and still need more storage space!!

  3. Can't wait to see the house!!

    Miss you terribly!!

  4. This sounds like a fabulous idea :) Now I just need to sort thru all my stuff and separate the "alterables" from all the other stuff :) Good luck dear!