Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Craft Club December 2012

This is the final of a years worth of craft club meetings.  What happens is that we have 12 or 6 members each taking a month to sponsor/host making a meal for all and bringing an idea and base supplies for your craft that you are teaching. And BAM! It's chick night with food frolic /crafting ..can it get any better???? This December was at "Diane the Awesome" house/ compound and we had open pit BBQ and Dump cake in cherry and apple and smores and ...did i say cowboy soup ? Good grief! Thank you again Diane and Eddie. Diane supplied us with various cigar boxes and we went to crafting. This is my result as I had to take mine home half finished because I talked more than crafted..and ate..and then talked and laughed")


  1. It turned out wonderful!! Mine still looks like it did when you left that night! And it will most likely stay that way for months!!