Monday, August 6, 2012

Love to Create Challenges

Yes indeedy it is that time again.....Monday morning at Love to Create means another awesome prize winning challenge. Head on over because we are being sponsored by Bugaboo images this week and honestly.....Crabby Cathy sorta says it all :)


  1. That is really cute, love the digi too, I could use some of those cards here.

  2. Jackie, you are always ahead of me. I'm here giving a shout out to Amanda for another cool design. I like the crumpled up paper near the trash can and side, it's the details that get me. I wanna ask a question though. When you are printing out digis, do you ever print them out in different colors? Like a brown or a grey?

    1. Yes! I often do....especially if it's a whispy digi, I use a lighter gray, and the flower digis I usually print in the color I plan to blend them into. Good question.

  3. LOL...what a cool card! l love the little crumpled pieces too :)