Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crafty and Green Guest Designer!

I am so SUPER EXCITED!!! Today I am featured over at Crafty and Green as a guest designer. Whooo Hoo, Tina features so many neat and nifty project so that you can reuse and recycle just about anything. Today I have a project that my Grandma showed me years ago...what to do with a old cracked desert dish and the left over cotton from pill bottles.....Now you could just throw your pins in the dish, which is what I said to my Gran when she talked about doing this...I was 9 .   She then responded with a Oh no! ..if you do that then the needles will stick your fingers..she then showed me how to do this...I wish -wish-wish I had the first pin cushion she showed me with. It has long since been lost "military move # 1 million and 12th or something like that. But the bottom line is this....She showed me how and I remember the smell of the fabric in her room as I made this. Annabelle made quilts ....many many quilts and she even went to the local pioneer village when they had events and demonstrated her skills. Such a lovely talented woman  as she also played the piano and organ from the age of 26- 81 at her church when they literally pulled her kicking and screaming from  her organ bench on the choir podium. Eventually it was decided to just move the organ to her house as a "retirement gift"  and they bought new...True story. It doesn't get much better than that!


  1. oh my Amanda this is so cool, i realy realy love it.


  2. first that is so lovely, and I rebember those being around grandmas house, thanks.

  3. This is so beautiful an what a GREAT idea to "go green"!