Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oozak Try- Outs

Okay folks, as you know I am going to try for the Oozak Design Team, I love the selection and think i could do a good job for them. The competition is tough so it's gonna be rough. Cross your toes/nose and anything else you can...If I don't make it then we have two more New years projects done and displayed for your inspiration. Have Fun! If there are any questions on colors or marker # just ask...I would be happy to assist and if you would like to be a part of our Copic group where sharing and learning are the only requirement then again please contact me.
Resolution project#11

Resolution Project #12


  1. Wow Amanda! I love your cards. I found you through the post on Mo's DP2.

    Your mermaid is so beautiful! I noticed the hair first, then when I enlarged it and saw the eyes... I was hypnotized!

    I would love to join your Copic group. Could you give me some more information?

    Also, a few posts ago you mentioned a trick that made eyes look more animated.. Please, please tell me the secret!!

  2. Dawn..please email me your so i can find you on facebook?