Monday, December 19, 2011

( UPDATE) Graphics from Dover " Valentines Keeper"

(UPDATE) : Project 1 of 50 for the New Years resolution! Do you remember in grade school when you made big ole construction paper valentines holders? Some times like this or maybe an old milk carton or oatmeal container was used. Either way, I remember decorating it for little valentine cards. Do the children even do this anymore? Or has this become Politically incorrect somehow as well? I hope not because, It was about love...and being kind. Even to the people you may not have appreciated, aka "Bobby the nervous booger eater" for me UGH!

Today I was setting around relaxin and realized I haven't looked at my clip art books in a while...I love graphics and if you like G45 paper so do you..or the Graphic Fairy on and on....Anyway I started pulling things off the handy disc in the back of the book (Dover) and copic-ed away! I am going to show you this one in stages so that maybe you will or can do the same. Hope this gives you inspiration.